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10packs syringe, 2spore syringe, 4spore syringe, Single Syringe

2 reviews for Golden Teacher Spores

  1. mike (verified owner)

    I think this is the best shrooms dispensary in USA.

  2. anonymous (verified owner)

    You can find anything here. Thanks for being helpful and answering questions with patience 🙂
    Best shop for truffles in usa.
    I had a wonderful experience with my friend. We bought mushrooms for the first time and followed the clear instructions that the guy serving us told us. Very pleasant experience and 100% recommend to anyone who is interested in the genre!
    All perfect and nice but I was expecting flying dragons,
    ended up with simple dancing letters.
    I really enjoyed the trip. We followed the dosage and usage recommendations, and found the intensity and time to be quite accurate. Thank you for the lovely experience!
    I’ll make this quick, I actually didn’t try any of the mushrooms here, but I was told if you want to experience the best Hallucinogens using mushrooms this is the place to go.
    Hi guys I have been trying to get some mushrooms bags or spores to grow some mushrooms In Australia but they don’t ship magic mushroom to Australia can anyone help me how to get a bag or spores ? ?
    Extremely informative and helpful staff
    Follow their advice to the t and you will not be disappointed
    Excellent service, guys know everything about their products, they will give you recommendations for what you looking for
    Very friendly and helpful staff. Recomend comming here for your shrooms if you’re a first timer.
    Helpful staff. It seems like they know what they are selling. Thank you for the guidance.
    Mothers Finest, take it you won’t regret it, special thanks to the staff.
    An excellent array of funny and humour products containing some that are also useful as well.
    Great shop with friendly and extremely knowledgeable staff. A good selection of memorabilia even if tripping isn’t your thing. Would certainly come back here
    Great variety of product but most importantly an amazing staff. Very responsible and professional advise on dosage, timing and setting when taking shrooms. Would definitely recommend.
    The staff take time to explain everything and set you up for a great experience. Fun souvenirs as well
    Had a good product and instructions. It seems they don’t want to sell the strongest stuff to beginners, which is fine. Enough tourists are messed up
    Perfect staff, very descriptive when buying something. Totally recommend
    The man who works here is the kindest most patient soul. He explained exactly what we needed to do to have a good experience, took his time, and he was so right. Thank you!!

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